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CreArt Community Centre was established to address the lack of available safe spaces for activities among black and migrant children in addition to combat the issue of loneliness faced by Black communities. Since its inception, CreArt has been at the forefront of providing supportive creative activities for families in the Black and migrant community located in Dudley High Street. Over the past three years, CreArt collective CIC has continued to make a significant impact in the community, raising the profile of the organisation and collaborating with a diverse range of voluntary individuals to enhance the quality of life among black communities.

Challenging Systems of inequalities through community arts



Challenging systems of inequalities & promoting healing through community arts

Marlene Fortes

The system of oppression that Black people face today is deeply rooted in the history of slavery and the continued exploitation of Black bodies and labour. These injustices have created a cycle of poverty and inequality that continues to this day…… READ MORE

Social Impact Report 2021-2022
Our Awards

Dudley CVS – Kindness Awards 2022
The Dicky Adams Reaching Out Award

Dudley CVS – Spotlight Award 2021

Community Inspiration Awards 2022
Business & Enterprise Award