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Our Community

 CreArt Collective aims is to improve the quality of life and fight against systemic inequalities amongst the wider community in Dudley.

What We Are

We Support & Celebrate The Contribution of Black & Migrant Communities

Marlene Fortes

Creative Director, Founder

Our Supporters & Partners
what we do

We Connect & Support

Ethos and Philosophy

The African ethos Ubuntu – “I am because we are” .Ubuntu means humanity. The ubuntu philosophy is based on values such as respect, human dignity, compassion, solidarity, and consensus. We at CreHeart have adapted the “Ubuntu” direction to develop, co-ordinate cultural activities. The aim is to improve the quality of life and fight against systemic inequalities among Afro Caribbean’s in Dudley.

Our Community Centre

One  key determinant in to people’s well-being is cultural identity, it gives people sense of belonging and safety.  Young people of  Afro-Caribbean  descendants in  Dudley are disproportionally disconnected from their cultural heritage, mainly due to being  affected by poverty and socioeconomic depravation. 

Our social impact

Projects & Workshops

Over the past 3  years CreArt Collective has remained at the heart of  the High Street and has continued to raise the profile of the organisation. Currently collaborating with a wide range of voluntary individuals at the local level in order to improve the quality of life amongst our Black  communities.


Our mission is to create a platform where the Black community in Dudley can express themselves artistically and provide the necessary resources to do so. 

Community and Food

We meet once a month on a regular basis to socialise and share soul food together intentionally developing a sense of community around food.

Health and Wellbeing

The centre promotes social inclusion, confidence building, improved and sustained self-esteem. We host  a variety of health promotion activities, as well as educational sessions for members. Our ethos includes encouraging a safe space  where community and a sense of belonging are nurtured.

Systems of Change

Providing young black children with access to creative arts, music, and mentorship programs that have potential to benefit them across several areas, including academic performance, mental health, social and emotional well-being at the same time preventing risk behaviours.